Healthcare Marketing. Simplified.

Meeting community health needs and running a practice can be complicated.

Communicating your message doesn’t have to be.






When patients know better, they choose better.

As a community health leader, your organization impacts lives every day. It’s not just your expert diagnostic skills that make your teams exceptional, but a commitment to making positive, memorable experience that have a lasting impact.

Increasing, patients are expecting to not get help, but learn how to better manage their own health and wellness. While it’s often implicit, patients are seeking information from you to make better healthcare choices for themselves and their loved ones.

If not you, then who should your patients turn to for health education? Who do you trust to guide their efforts to lead healthier, happier lives?

KineticHealth helps you deliver on patient expectations, and build patient relationships for life through lasting engagement.

We help clients in a variety of ways - from patient education, to recruitment marketing, to campaign design and execution, to retainer-based marketing and communications support - we help organizations big and small build connection and relationship in their communities.

At KineticHealth we amplify your mission with consistent, relevant, effective messaging.

We understand that patients need plain-language advice and actionable suggestions to make healthier living realistic. Together, we can do better.

Plug in. Simplify. Amplify.